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Barn Projects: Donkey Feeder

One of the projects on our ever growing to-do list has been to put up a feeder in our donkey's stall. Not that they are particularly finicky about eating anywhere, but it will help keep their stall a bit cleaner. Of course they were very helpful during the installation. You have to keep on eye on your tools or Jasper will walk off with them! And Sophie is always looking over your shoulder; she's the best project forewoman. We wondered how they'd take to the finished feeder, but as you can see it was no problem at all.

Alpaca Spotlight: Rio

Rio, our light fawn alpaca, thinks he is the tough guy of the barn, but his fiber tells the true story – he is just a big softy.   His fleece is light creamy beige. He has a very expressive face, and is particularly good at grumpy faces: He also has a good sense of humor. Here he is doing his best impression of Kilroy: He's not super fond of vitamin day. He's like a kid with vegetables:

The Evolution of a Snow 'Paca

Every alpaca on our farm has his own personality - Speed Bump our littlest and youngest absolutely loves the snow!  We have had a lot of snow on the farm this winter and with each storm he becomes a little more snow covered (he does melt between storms!) First we have the sugar dusted alpaca: Then the coconut topped alpaca: And this morning we had the icing on the chocolate cake (Smudge as usual tried his best to photobomb) : You can even see where he cushed in the dry lot to acquire his frosting!