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Our Man Jack

What a face! A very long delayed introduction to the eldest of the brothers we added to our farm on the very last day of last year. It seems like yesterday and a million years ago - time in 2020 does not work in the normal way. Cracker Jacks Prize was born on May 26, 2016 not to far from our farm and grew up just off the mountain. He is one of our smaller alpacas, weighing in around 135 pounds. His back legs are a little stiff so he has a bit of a bow-legged walk - so we also call him Cowboy Jack. Jack cushed after a long day on the pasture We shear our alpacas in late April to early May, so he has grown a decent amount of new fleece. He is a white alpaca - although you wouldn't know it unless you part his fleece - like all alpacas he loves to roll in the dirt. Good thing it washes out! He has very dense fleece and last year he produced about three pounds of firsts and a pound of seconds. We use the first fiber in yarn and the seconds in felted items.   Fleece after six months grow