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New Handspun Gem - "Schist"

Last weekend during our studio tour at our farm, Jennifer was demonstrating how we prepare our fiber for spinning. We use a Brother drum carder to batt up our fiber. This process further helps rid vegetative debris (our boys do love to roll around in their hay) and aligns the fiber for smoother spinning. This time, she decided to blend Speed Bump and J-dub, our vet's light fawn alpaca. J-dub is very similar in color and softness to Rio, and together he and Speed made a beautiful set of batts. We name all our yarn after rocks and minerals, in homage to Adrienne's geology degree. We decided this one reminds us of the metamorphic rock, schist, with its dynamic striations of color. There was a bit of a battle between Adrienne and Jennifer on who would get to spin this one (Jennifer won, but Adrienne will spin a combination of Speed Bump and Micah next!) This skein and others like it are available on our etsy store !