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Spooky season is upon us!

Summer is coming to an end (yay!) and we've been busy creating new spooky ornaments to celebrate one of our favorite times of the year! From our alpacas' fiber we've made some cute/creepy bats, spiders, and pumpkins, and Mister Bilbo has contributed some fiber of his own to make Booooo Bunnies! A Spooky Spider! A Booo Bunny! A Baby Bat! We have them all available on our etsy store as well as the shows and markets we will be vending at this fall. A precious little pumpkin!

The Chicken Coop is Finally Complete!

Well, mostly complete (nothing on this farm ever 100% complete.) After months of planning and carting chickens to and from their enclosure in the garage and their outside runs, our feathered friends have finally moved into their permanent home.  The boys and girls checking out the ramps to their new house. At first we thought they would live up at the alpaca barn, but because of the slope of the hill that the barn sits on and concerns about cold winter weather, we decided that they would be better suited at the old hay barn. Smidge, Sage, and Agatha. Their coop sits inside the barn and their run is a new structure we built onto the barn. They should be toasty warm this winter with all the alpaca hay in the loft above them! The Fort Knox of chicken coops - no raccoons will find their way in here!