Our Herd

While our farm is still relatively small, each of our animals have wonderful and unique personalities. We currently have six  alpacas, two donkeys, and two silly goats.

The Fabulous Alpaca Boys (F.A.B)

Jack (05-26-2016)

Jack is the oldest of three brothers on the farm and has a very laid-back personality. His front teeth are very long, giving him a rabbit like appearance. He has beautiful soft fleece that spins into wonderful yarn.

Ayden (05/08/2019)

Ayden is the baby of the three brothers and the youngest alpaca on the farm. He is very sweet, a little mischievous, and loves to give nose kisses.

Bailey (09-25-2917)

Bailey's nickname is linebacker as his fleece adds a great deal of padding to his frame. He is a white alpaca with supper soft, super long fleece. Only when we shear him do we realize how small he is under all that fluff!

Smudged in Black "Smudge"

Smudge, our silver-grey alpaca, is a big boy with a big personality! He loves giving ear kisses, is a champion photobomber, and is always the first to the fence to see what is going on.

Speed Bump

Speed Bump, our bay black alpaca, is the sweetest boy in the barn. He loves to cush in the middle of things -like gates - hence his name. He has very expressive eyes and adorable ear tuffs.


Micah, our rose grey alpaca, is one of the more rare colors found in alpacas, and he is the King of the barn. He has a bit of a sense of humor as we often catch him winking at us. Depending upon the light he can sometimes look almost purple.

The Guardians

Sophie and Jasper

Sophie (on the left) and Jasper (on the right) are our wonderful guardian donkeys. Their job is to keep our alpacas safe from any coyotes or wild dogs that may wander on our farm.

The Silly Goat Boys

Bruce and Banner

Bruce (plain ears) and Banner (spotted ears) are our goats. They are part of the the MMU - Mobile Mowing Unit. Their job is to help keep the steep parts of our fields where the tractor can't get to mowed down. 


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