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Winter Preparation on the Farm

The calendar may still say fall, but winter weather has come to our farm! We take several precautions to make sure our animals are as safe and comfortable as they can be in these cold snaps. We've switched out all the water buckets for heated ones, hung tarps along the gates and fences to keep out the wind, and put down a good layer of hay for the alpacas to kush down into at night (if they don't decide to eat it all first!)  "Floor hay is the best hay!" Rio says! When the temperature goes way below freezing, Micah also gets to wear his dapper winter coat at night. His fiber length isn't quite as long as the other alpacas and being a bit older the colder weather seems to bother him a bit more. Micah is sporting the latest in alpaca fashion! We should be getting warmer weather later in the week, but we know we're in for a couple of cold winter months ahead!